Monday, September 9, 2013

# 156 - Calla Lilies, Roses and Wine

Oil, Archival gesso board panel - 11" x 14"
Today while trying to think of a new painting idea for the 30 for 30 day challenge I decided to get out an old painting that I like some parts of and see if I could make it decent somehow.  I  made a few minor adjustments and removed a flower I think I like it better now.  Most of this painting was done with a palette knife.  When I paint with a palette knife I find I can paint quicker with a looser style which I like.  Once I painted with my palette knife this morning I decided to make my number 9 painting with a palette knife.
Thank you for stopping by and having a look!.


Linda Nickles said...

Wow, you painted this with a palette knife? It looks amazing. Really nice composition... Great job, Debi!

Debi Hinshaw said...

Linda it is so nice of you to comment, I appreciate it very much!
Thank you!