Saturday, September 28, 2013

# 173 - Fall Leaves at the Lake

Oil on gesso panel 8" x 10" - Day 27 of 30 Challenge
I have missed a couple of days during the 30 day challenge.  Today I decided to try and knock out two paintings if possible.   This one finished for day 27 I painted this using a photo reference (thank you to my friend who has given me permission to use her photos).... now on to day 28.
I just got back from a quick trip to my local Hobby Lobby store.  I needed a tube of ultramarine blue, turns out the store is relocating soon and there was a huge sale! :o)  I was able to purchase brushes that otherwise would of cost over $160.00  - Sale price $30.00 total for 10 brushes  (Robert Simmons various sizes)
I rarely spend much on brushes, I couldn't pass up it up, what a deal!!  I am excited to start painting number 28 with my brand new brushes!! 

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Linda Nickles said...

This red pear really glows, Debi!