Sunday, March 27, 2016

# 312 - " Pink Azaleas"

12" x 9" Oill on panel. "Pink Azaleas"

Today I cut a few branches from my azaleas and brought them in to use for a painting.  I am pretty happy with this one.  I will set it aside for a few days as it dries and may go back and add a few touches here and there.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look!


Jane said...

How wonderful to have the Azaleas in your garden, and the painting is beautiful Debi. I'm curious as to where you ill add some extra touches.

Debi Hinshaw said...

Maybe add more darks and lights in the flowers. Thank you Jane for your comments!

Celia Blanco said...

I love the pinks, it feels very fresh just like springtime.