Sunday, March 18, 2018

# 353 "Sunset View"

"Sunset View", 6x8 inch on panel

I have neglected my blog for several months now, I have no excuses other than I am posting my paintings on my Instagram account, Dailypaintworks and my Etsy shop.  I have lately been reworking some older pieces that I have not been happy with.  This painting was one that I changed the sky and horizon  and like it better now.  I have also decided to get rid ot a large pile of paintings that are beyond help.  It is therapeutic for me to clean up the studio and start some new work.  I am glad spring is almost here!  I would love to go on a few short trips to either do some plein air paintings or take photos for reference for some future works.  I hope I can post  more often to my blog going forward and keep it a bit more updated.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look

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